iVigilo Smartcam+ update adds iCloud and video recording functionality

Smartcam+ users can now sync alerts over multiple devices and record video alerts

The iVigilo® Smartcam+ app (www.ivigilo.com/Smartcam) turns any iDevice equipped with a camera into an expandable mobile camera security system. iVigilo Smartcam+ broadcasts a live video stream from the iDevice camera which can be viewed with all common browsers on any computing or mobile platform. Once a motion is detected or a face is recognized, iVigilo Smartcam+ can send out an alert with the key frame picture via Mail or Twitter.

Naboo announces the immediate availability of the iVigilo® Smartcam v1.1+ update for iOS.

Through this new update, the iVigilo Smartcam+ users get iCloud syncing functionality between multiple iVigilo Smartcam+ devices and the possibility to record video alerts with the new DVR plug-in.

The iCloud syncing function automagically syncs Smartcam+ settings and all alerts among multiple iVigilo Smartcam+ devices. This will allow the user to keep tracks of all alerts generated by any Smartcam+ device from any location in the world.

The new DVR-plugin lets the users record video clips in a case a motion or a face is detected by the iVigilo Smartcam+ app.

With its base, free, functionality iVigilo Smartcam+ turns an iDevice into an HD wireless IP camera with motion detection, which live stream can be viewed with any modern browser on most devices.  

Through various in-app paid add-ons any iVigilo Smartcam+ user can enhance the base functionality of a wireless camera to build a complete mobile camera security system.

iVigilo Smartcam+ combined with the users iDevice, is the world’s first expandable mobile camera security system. It brings the functionality of standalone and fixed camera security systems to the users’ pocket. This opens up completely new possibilities for providing “mobile security” for business and leisure travelers by securing the travelers hotel room or holiday homes. Furthermore it is an entry level camera security system for private residences and small office / home office users. And finally it will be an excellent tool for the growing number of life casters.

iVigilo Smartcam+ uses the latest motion and face detection technologies to analyze the camera signal from the users iDevice. The motion sensitivity level can be decided by the user.  

Once a motion is detected the user can choose to send out an alert out via email or twitter. Multiple accounts can be selected so that the user can decide who will receive the alert.

Many functions can be easily accessed remotely from the administrator section of the device website. iVigilo Smartcam+ features a built-in webserver which is used to broadcast the iDevice’s camera signal to the Internet. By typing in the address of the iVigilo Smartcam+ device, any browser will be able to display the live video stream anywhere in the world.

iVigilo Smartcam+ 1.1 is the latest update to the iVigilo range of multimedia apps from Naboo and is available for free in an English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese version from the App Store.


Free functionality:

A.    Wireless high-quality MJPEG web camera

  • iVigilo Smartcam+ turns any camera equipped iDevice into a high quality wireless IP MJPEG camera;
  • Camera light control for darker moments;
  • Support for different video stream qualities;
  • Front and back camera support;
  • Integrated UPnP port forwarding to program the router;
  • Optional user id and password settings for the admin and user camera web pages;
  • Integrated web server for streaming the iDevice camera signal to the Internet;
  • Easy-to-use web interface for viewing of the video stream and for controlling front / back camera, video quality and camera light through a special admin page;
  • Works on local network and on external 3G / Wi-Fi networks;

B.    Motion detection  

  • Built-in motion detection routines. Once a motion is detected a notification is stored in the Alert History on the iDevice.

C.    iCloud synchronization among multiple iVigilo Smartcam+ devices NEW

  • Settings are used between Smartcam+ devices;

Paid in-app modules:

D.    Sensor add-on  

  • Built-in advanced motion and face detection routines;
  • Motion sensitivity can be set by the user;
  • Both detection modes can be combined or chosen separately;

E.    Alert add-on

  • On motion or face detection an alert with key frame picture will be generated;
  • Alerts can be send via Email or Twitter;
  • Multiple Email or Twitter accounts can be used;
  • Mail can be send via iVigilo.com mail server or users own mail server;
  • Alert frequency can be configured;

F.    Alert history add-on

  • Alert motion events can be recorded as sequence of images;
  • A chronological alert history with detailed information per event is being generated;
  • Alert images are stored on the device;
  • The Alert History is synchronized between all Smartcam+ devices. This will allow a user to see the alerts generated by all Smartcam+ devices on any device. NEW

G.  DVR add-on NEW

  • Alert motion events can can be recorded as video clips;
  • Video events are stored on the local device;
  • Detailed information from the motion event is stored in the alert history;


  • Any camera equipped iOS device;
  • iOS 5.x+;
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