Free iVigilo Smartcam app turns iOS device into high quality wireless IP camera

Mobile video broadcasting made easy

The free iVigilo® Smartcam app ( turns any iOS device equipped with a camera into a high quality wireless Internet camera. The iVigilo Smartcam video stream can be viewed with most common browsers. iVigilo Smartcam supports different video quality resolutions, can use the front and back camera and allows the flash light on iOS devices to be turned on or off. All camera controls can be done from the device and from an admin webpage.


Heerlen/The Netherlands, August 25th 2011  

Naboo announces the immediate availability of the free iVigilo® Smartcam app for Apple’s camera equipped iOS devices: iPhone®, iPodtouch® and iPad®.

The iVigilo Smartcam app turns any camera equipped iOS device into a high-quality wireless IP camera, whose video stream can be accessed by all modern browsers on any computing or mobile platform.

iVigilo Smartcam supports different video quality resolutions, can use the front and back camera and allows the flash light on iOS devices to be turned on or off. In addition iVigilo Smartcam features an autosense function, which will rotate the signal of the video camera automatically, so that the video stream is always displayed in the correct orientation.

All functions can be easily accessed from the iVigilo Smartcam app or remotely from the administrator section of the devices website. iVigilo Smartcam features a built-in webserver which is used to broadcast the iOS device’s camera signal to the Internet. By typing in the address of the iVigilo Smartcam device, any browser will be able to display the live video stream anywhere in the world.

iVigilo Smartcam works seamlessly with the optional iVigilo Dashboard and iVigilo Alert Centre apps. When used together with these apps, the iVigilo Smartcam video stream can be recorded and monitored through the Dashboard and Alert Centre apps.  

iVigilo Smartcam is the latest addition to the iVigilo range of smart alerting, monitoring and camera apps from Naboo. iVigilo apps provide users with easy to use, yet powerful software for remote camera security, life casting and global webcam monitoring applications from the palm of their hand.


A.    High-quality wireless IP camera

  • iVigilo Smartcam turns any camera equipped iOS device into a high quality IP camera;
  • Camera light control for darker moments;
  • Support for different video stream qualities;
  • Front and back camera support;
  • Integrated UPnP port forwarding to program the router;
  • Optional user id and password settings for the admin and user camera pages;
  • Easy-to-use web interface for viewing of the video stream and for controlling front / back camera, video quality and camera light through a special admin page;
  • Works on local network and on external 3G / WiFi networks;

B.    Seamless integration with iVigilo Dashboard and Alert Centre  

iVigilo Smartcam integrates seamlessly with the iVigilo Dashboard app for iOS and iVigilo Alert Centre for OS X. In this setup iVigilo Smartcam users have the following additional features:

  • To become automatically alerted when a motion video event is detected by the iVigilo® Alert Centre. No more sitting in front of a camera while nothing happens!
  • To record from the actual Smartcam video stream:
    • Manually by starting and stopping the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which is built into the iVigilo® Alert Centre;
    • In a given time period (time-lapse) or frequency;
    • On motion detected by the active camera;
  • To store all or selected video recordings from the Smartcam video stream in the iOS device Camera Roll.


  • Any camera equipped iOS device;
  • iOS 4.3+;
"We are proud to release this new addition to our iVigilo range of camera monitoring and alerting apps. iVigilo Smartcam will allow all iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch users to turn their mobile device into a free high quality wireless IP camera. And start sharing live video streams from the mobile with the world." Leon Klinkers, Founder and CEO Naboo BV
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